Sunday, 30 April 2017

LO1: Analysis of Media Campaigns: Maxi Milk

Maxi Milk
This campaign is aimed at men, this is because on the advert, it is a man that is drinking the product that is being promoted. Also on the top right of the poster, it reads "MILK for REAL MEN" which has very strong connotations of the fact that the product is for male audiences.

The advert appeals strongly to male audiences because it denotes a very muscly looking man, hanging of what looks like a very high up cliff, with only one hand. This connotes that he is incredibly physically capable, and also very brave and strong. The advert connotes that this is because he drinks "MAXI-MILK". The word "REAL MEN" is the most noticeable word on the poster, because it is in the biggest font and is in a bright white colour. The phrase in it's self attracts male audiences, because it is very likely that the viewer's ideal version of themselves, consists of being seen by others as a real man. The colour white could be suggesting purity, which comes along with the idea that the man on the advert has achieved perfect health.

The denotation of the man climbing up a very difficult looking cliff could also be be connoting the idea that the man is overcoming the difficulties of life, with the help of "MAXI-MILK", the colour of the sky suggested that it was previously cloudy and grey (dull life) yet thanks to "MAXI-MILK" the weather is starting to clear up and become brighter, like the life he is living.

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